Note on Site Update: nov13.2020

Greetings. If you are seeing this note in your e-mail from Douglas John Imbrogno, it means you’ve subscribed to my site, This is a heads-up that over the next 48 hours you’ll receive a one-time burst of emails as I am in the process of tweaking the site’s focus.

This site is being expanded more fully into a general multimedia magazine and showcase for multimedia storytelling beyond my other site’s geographic focus on West Virginia— Every time I post something new during this transition, as we shift to this new focus, it will alert subscribes (unless I can figure out how to turn that off!)

As we reconfigure the site, I’ll be posting some of the multimedia work from which that site’s co-founder and chief videographer and producer, Bobby Lee Messer, and I have done in the past year. Please bear with. If the burst of e-mail notices accompanying this re-focus becomes annoying, you can unsubscribe—the option should be at the bottom of every post—and re-subscribe if interested, later.

I am excited to have some clarity about this web site. Consider as a branded web magazine. It will feature everything from original short-form video and mini-documentaries, to photo essays, poem-essays and other experiments, which Bobby Lee and I—along with other collaborators and fellow members of our creative karass—concoct. NOTE: We just got a new drone, and will shortly be launching a new series: “West Virdrone-ya.” No, seriously!

You can reach us directly at:

Be well, stay safe. | Douglas John Imbrogno

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