Multimedia  features my long-form and recent writings. But I have also spent a goodly portion of the last 15 years evangelizing multimedia storytelling. It’s a topic I wrote about in this 2018 article for Columbia Journalism Review after I got caught up in the great Layoff Purge of Newspaper Staffs across America. is my multimedia portfolio site which showcases a wide variety of work. These range from crowd-sourced mini-documentaries of the big 2018 teacher’s strike in West Virginia (here and here); to a meditative telling with my brother David of a visit to the Calabrian house where my father was born; to modestly viral feature videos like this about a surprise birthday party for a school custodian (which last I checked had a quarter-million or so views spread between YouTube and Facebook); to two videos documenting an elephant sighting in southern West Virginia. 😉

I’ve produced upwards of 300 videos for publication that have amassed more than a million views, although my Columbia Journalism Review piece notes the challenge multimedia production faces in generating revenue from even high hit-count video. Yet if even a handful of folks are moved, inspired, educated or entertained by one’s multimedia work, it has done its job in this parlous age of distraction media and product promotion. (I think that beloved custodian Frances Buzzard — see below —would agree.)

I am available for freelance and project hire for both social media multimedia production and training, writing projects and editing. Contact me at this site’s Contact page or via douglas AT Otherwise, please take a look at some of my past work and I hope you enjoy it. Comments and feedback welcome.

Douglas Imbrogno

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