• Accompanying your mother as she prepares to leave

    She had the greenest of thumbs, a bright intellect and always dreamed of being the kind of writer that Toni Morrison, a contemporary, became. What to do when your mother — in the late stages of Alzheimer's — is moving mutely toward her departure from this life.

  • The night the house came crashing down around me

    A portrait of the artist as a skinny kid attempting the impossible task of fixing the most important relationship in his life up to that point. While standing there in his pajama bottoms and t-shirt as the house began to shake.

  • Rounding up a father’s life in bits and pieces

    Fathers can be mysterious guys, especially if they were members of the Greatest Generation who didn't talk about things like their ships being torpedoed in the Atlantic and whose go-to form of anger was volcanic utterance. But in the bits and pieces of a father's life, I find the man he was.