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Glimpses from way out there in West Virginia

There is much to rue about living in West Virginia, run, as it is, by empty suits and chuckleheads. But every time I think of leaving for a bluer state, this one floors me with the views from being way the heck out in the Mountain State.

After all is said, done, and launched

As David Byrne cries in "Born Under Punches": 'I'm catching up with myself!' Below are some things I am catching up on, myself, after recently launching a world premiere in West Virginia's capital city which was fabulous and exhausting to birth.

The Cloud Painter and the Berlin Musician

Robert Singleton had settled on painting clouds. Then, he stopped, hollowed out by too many deaths helping dying friends from his training with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. One day, a German musician stumbled on his site. And everything changed.