Bringing some ‘Lights’ in answer to the darkness

‘Lights’ by Rebecca Skeen-Webb encodes her spiritual DNA and deeply observant self. It is an honor to sing it every time I am up for it, seeking to channel its worthiness, heartfulness, and truthfulness. Here is a music video homage to the song of a much-missed human being.

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PROSE-POEM: ‘Lost Girl Elegy’

He digs into his wallet. Hands over a $20 bill. God bless you, she says. But where's the god for lost girls in a squalling storm? She turns to go back into the Taco Bell. He shuts off his car. Gets out. Do you have a phone? No. She says. Anyone at all to call?

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An “Over the Rainbow” Primer and Duet

"Let the boys have the damn song." How "Over the Rainbow" almost didn't make the cut for "The Wizard of Oz." A look back at a "sacred" song in the American canon, on the occasion of a down-and-dirty music video version by the boys.

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How to experience a text rainstorm

Still fun after all these years. On my timeline this morning, Facebook surfaced an offbeat video I did with my brother and a friend, from an encounter we had in 2013 with the truly cool, interactive video installation 'Text Rain.'

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A starry exhibit vividly worth one’s time

While "VAN GOGH: The Immersive Experience" wows you with its flash, such as a 7,000-square-foot Immersive Gallery animating his work and a must-experience virtual reality fly-through of Arles, I came away just as intrigued and moved by the more intimate details.

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