Welcome to a portfolio site of poetry, long-form articles, and essays of freelance writer and multimedia producer Douglas John Imbrogno. In this age of teensy tweets and hyper-short newsbits, this site celebrates poetic verse and long-form magazine and essay writing on a wide-range of topics. It’s my mother’s fault. Growing up at the edge of farmland and the birth of suburbia in 1960s Ohio, she subscribed to the New York Review of Books, The Smithsonian, Esquire, New York magazine, Harper’s, the Biblical Archaeology Review and more. I was hooked.

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Be well,
Douglas John Imbrogno


AMPMediaProject.com: My ocumentary and video production company
WestVirginiaVille.com: Monthly multimedia feature magazine launched in 2020
Muckrack: Archive site for career journalism, freelance work, and latest posts
Spotify Album: My first CD, “Saint Stephen’s Dream,” by the musical collective Garagecow Ensemble

When life imitates art. | 2022 photo of the writer as cigar smoker.