“SKATEBOARD MAN”: Bruising Tale of Determination Caught on Video

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Look at that, will you...
Look at that, will you...
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We can all learn from Skateboard Man’s intense focus and sense of mission. | TheStoryIsTheThing.com image

I was on a roadtrip to Philadelphia late last year. Checked out of an overnight stay somewhere in the middle of East Nowhereville. Caffeination was in order. I pulled off into Hagerstown, Maryland, and found this cool little downtown place on Potomac Street called Cannon Coffee. Great coffee, nice vibe. I set up my ‘work from anywhere‘ station in a window. Had at it.

Life was good. Or as good as it gets when you find a sunny coffeeshop on a chilly autumnal day, at a place that’s cool with you sipping a cappuccino for hours on end at a window seat.

I glance up. A tall dude in a purple Raven’s cap appears right outside the coffeeshop window. He’s carting a skateboard.

I study him. Any excuse to look up from looking down at contract work is hard to avoid. I expect fireworks. Some Olympic level urban skateboard.

Show. Me. Your. Chops.

Skateboard Man!


And then—double-blam!!

Take a few lessons from Skateboard Man. Not on how to skateboard, though.

But my man kept at it.

And at it.

And at it.

I will tell you something.

We can all learn from Skateboard Man.

And also this.

I love Skateboard Man.

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