VIDEO/NOTEBOOK: Byways, Highways & One Notable Ceiling in West Virginia

I GATHER A LOT OF IMAGERY along West Virginia’s byways, highways and roads less traveled. Here’s a soothing sojourn from questing around several counties in May/June 2022. It’s set to a basement duet, with guitar by Ron Sowell, piano by myself, and keys and post-production by Bobby Lee Messer. An interlude pays homage to the stunning interior dome of First Presbyterian Church in West Virginia’s capital city, which has always hypnotized me. | This is an production, where you can see lots more multimedia musicality, as well as our award-winning short (and later this summer long-form) documentary work. ~ Douglas John Imbrogno


“West Virginia Notebook: MAY/JUNE 2022” | An AmpMediaProject Production

Images from the Video

I have long been mesmerized by the world-class interior dome of First Presbyterian Church in Charleston WV, and devote to a portion of the video above to a homage to it. Below are some still photos from that homage, plus some of the quotes used in the video.


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