10 Impressions of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio

Photographs and by Douglas John Imbrogno |
TheStoryIsTheThing.com photography | may24.2023

If Pigeons Had iPhones

‘Vantage Point.’ | Downtown Cincinnati near East 8th Street. | may2023 | TheStoryIsTheThing.substack.com photography


‘Three Lives, One Morning.’ | Central Parkway, downtown Cincinnati. | may2023 | TheStoryIsTheThing.substack.com photography

Don’t Let Ron DeSantis See This

‘If Walls Could Talk.’ | Main Street in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati | may2023 | TheStoryIsTheThing.substack.com photography

Passing Abstraction

‘X Marks the Spot.’ | East 6th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio | may 2023 | TheStoryIsTheThing.substack.com photography

3 Variations on ‘The Genius of Water’ (As Seen from Behind)

‘Waterworks.’ | The Tyler Davidson Fountain, also known as ‘The Genius of Water,’ on Fountain Square, downtown Cincinnati | may2023 | TheStoryIsTheThing.substack.com photography

Bigger City

‘Colorized Skyline.’ | Downtown Cincinnati | may2023 | TheStoryIsTheThing.substack.com photography


‘Garfield & Me.’ | Garfield Place, downtown Cincinnati | may2023 | TheStoryIsTheThing.substack.com photography


‘Sure, Jan’
(‘Equal and Exact Justice to All Men of Whatever State or Persuasion Religious or Political’)

‘Promises, Promises.’ | Courthouse complex, downtown Cincinnati | may2023 | TheStoryIsTheThing.substack.com photography


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Pamela Ross says:

When I lived much closer to downtown, I frequented most if not all of the places you captured beautifully. While I don’t make it downtown as much as I’d like to nowadays, I always love seeing photos such as the ones you shared. Each place brings me back, allowing me to feel the impressions and emotions I felt while there. Memories such as these can stay with you forever. I particularly love the alley ways in downtown and OTR. Each is worthy of a novel all its own.

Douglas Imbrogno says:

Thanks for taking a look and commenting, Pam. Cincinnati has really grown into a city worth exploring on foot. And I have always been a peeker, if not an explorer, of alleyways. They show the side of a city not all ‘shiny, happy people’ buffed up — and are revealing in a separate way from the face a city puts on streetside.

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