Five Photogenic Thoughts (While Trekking Here to There)

‘WHO, INDEED’ | A graffitist poses a universal question on an alley wall between Fourth and Third avenues in downtown Huntington, W.Va. | may2024 | photo

words & images by Douglas John Imbrogno | may11.2024

The road goes ever, ever on, even as
we trek, head downward before dusk,
following the tips of our black shoes.

Wondering who did this to us or that
to us. And how did I get here?!? And
where, O where, will I wash up next.

‘STRING THEORY’ | Bill Tyler, bassist in the Coal River Songwriters Festival house band awaits the next performer at a rehearsal before the May 4, 2024 event, at the Alban Arts Center. in St. Albans, W.Va. | may2024 | photo

Now, music surges, a flock of harmonic
convergences, which imply, why, yes,
their is a music to these spheres.

You return behind the wheel, steering
though the gloaming, veering past grifters,
godless prophets, and hate wholesalers.

‘THE EMPTY QUARTER’ | Somewheresville, Indiana, about 25 miles west of Oxford, Ohio | february2023 | Dolorous Photography Bureau of

In nowhere’s midst, a moment’s surcease.
Even as war, famine, dire need rage, as
hope-hungry lost souls seek your time.

On childhood streets, what long, strange
roads brought you here! Respite from mad
narrators glad for evidence of apocalypse.

‘WINDOW/BEER/MAN’ | Looking out the open window at Barboursville, W.Va., seated within the 1861 Tavern. | may2024 | photo

Now, the fetching bartender pours beers,
a Negroni, Prosecco (for the bubbles) or a
Scotch older than your sister’s grandson.

This diverts you from teeth-grinding,
chest-clinching news you’ve erred in
taking personally. Now, comes a brisk breeze.

‘ROAD TO SUNDOWN’ | Rotary Park, Huntington WV | april2024 |

Tousles leftover hair, cools pink skin,
wipes away that week’s sins, at least as
the sun descends in notable glory.

Piloting a more familiar dark, you
meander your way home. Find you are
so glad, after all, to be right here.

~ barboursville wv | may11.2024

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