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    PORCH POEMS: ‘Ms. Nature & Mr. Death’

    So, my day, which when fortunate,/begins with coffee, cat, and dawn,/shifts at some point, to the deck, for some sitting beneath the same old sky,/only this time, eyes closed./Climbed up on the shore, out of thetumultuous stream of thought./I’ve yet to grasp the meaning/of your collaboration, Ms. Nature,/with your ally, Mr. Death.

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    PORCH POEMS: ‘Overhead’

    ‘The clouds don’t care,’/ he said. Blowing a puff
/ of cigar smoke at me/ from across the porch.
/ I sent a pretty good
/ smoke ring back his way./ We were not
/ six feet apart, so could/ be killing each other, should
/ the virus hitch a ride upon 
our exhalations ...

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    PAUL: A Chance Encounter

    There's a wheelchair and a guy in it at the end of the sidewalk. It's an old chair, not those fancy Millenium Falcon chairs you see. An old guy, with skin weathered like an ancient saddle...

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