More Op-Ed Limericks for Trumpian Times

Illustrated op-ed limericks, featuring the Baby Trump balloon. They rock. (See below.)

Living as I do, just shy of East Nowhereville, in a state north of the Mason-Dixon line, south of Amish country, and in a place you couldn’t get David Byrne to live in even if you paid him, not many are interested in my views on politics and Trumpublicanism. I will save for the future the essay my political Muses—Publius and Cincinnatus—have been hacking away at on the Underwood typewriter in the corner. If they ever get it done …

I have wondered if I spend too much time on ‘Pandemic Diversions and not enough on the barricades. I’ve spent some time on the barricades, armed with sharp dipthongs and explosive metaphors. (‘Here Comes the Tsunami: Getting Ready for Loss in a Pandemic’.)

So, when I saw my West Virginia sister-in-the-cultural-arts, Colleen Anderson, had returned to the fray with her sociopolitical Molotov limericks, I stepped up.

Back when I was a newspaperguy, I did a story on her initial burst of op-ed limericks, once the Trump clown car burst into Washington, D.C., and poured forth its clowns. We all cheered on Facebook recently, when—out of the blue, but no doubt spurred on by Trump’s incompetence in addressing Covid-19—fresh limericks began pouring forth on Colleen’s timeline.

They speak for themselves—I just began adding an illustrated aspect to some, starting this past week. Below are the first three in our multimedia collaboration. She has many more. Stay tuned.

A couple of notes:

  • You’ll notice the quote sounds familiar in the Mother Jones one. Colleen has inverted the famed labor agitator’s signature quote: “Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.”
  • I made the editorial decision—since I can’t bear to look at his glowering, unhappy mug for more than a few seconds—to only use images of Baby Trump balloons when representing the Uncommander-in-Chief. This made working on this project possible. God bless Baby Trump balloons.
  • For the music, I’m either recording original pieces or pulling original sounds from Lucas the Flow’s new sample pack, available on Loopmaster. It pays to birth musicians.

All limericks by Colleen Anderson:

‘Paging Doctor Fauci …’

Mr. President, painted and pouchy,
We’re getting increasingly grouchy.
Before you let fly
With another bald lie,
Just let us hear Anthony Fauci.

Mama Jones Speaks

Dear ones, we have hard times ahead.
But remember what Mother Jones said.
Let’s keep fighting like hell
Her advice serves us well
For the living, and pray for the dead.

To Be Kind

Trump thinks he’s a great mastermind,
As he blunders, buffoonish and blind,
And there’s just no concealing
His absence of feeling:
He doesn’t know how to be kind.

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