“Bring Sunshine When You Come”

Screen capture from the video below, by Ella Pix from Pexels

“BRING SUNSHINE WHEN YOU COME” goes out to families who’ve suffered loss from Covid-19. And to those risking your lives to help others, as well as those on the front lines of aid, who’ve run toward the disaster, not away. The song is by The Scribblers, my new band and music-video project and a FOUR-to-ONE Production of TheStoryIsTheThing.Com. View the video below. May everyone’s sunshine return in time. Peace. And thank you! And may all who listen: Be Safe. Be Well. Stay Home.


“Bring Sunshine When You Come,” by The Scribblers | TheStoryIsTheThing.com

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I’M RELEASING THIS SONG into the wild with the Creative Commons License: “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND.” This only allows a person to download it for free; and to share it on social media and with others so long as you credit TheStoryIsTheThing and The Scribblers—but the song can’t be changed in any way or used for commercial purposes. That means non-commercial purposes are cool. (Let me know if you use it anywhere!) SEE HERE FOR LICENSE DETAILS and FUNBO-JUMBO for people who like big words.

Screen capture of image from video.

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Screen capture from video

LYRICS: Copyright 2020, TheStoryIsTheThing.com and Douglas John Imbrogno. NOTE: I play this in the G form at the 5th fret.


A cold hard rain is falling from the sky.

A cold hard rain is falling from the sky.

A cold hard rain is falling, it’s you, I am calling …

Bring sunshine, bring sunshine when you come.

There’s a cloud dark as coal above my head.

A cloud dark as coal above my head.

That cloud dark as coal, is drivin’ me into a hole …

Bring sunshine—bring sunshine when you come.

The daily news has left me feeling numb.

The daily news has left me feeling numb.

The daily nes has numbed me— politicians bum me,

Bring sunshine—bring sunshine when you come.

Bring sunshine—bring sunshine when you come.


A cold mean rain is falling cross the land.

A cold mean rain is falling cross the land.

A cold mean rain is falling, it’s you… I am calling…

Bring sunshine—bring sunshine when you come.

Bring sunshine—bring sunshine when you come.

Bring sunshine—bring sunshine when you come.

Bring sunshine—bring sunshine when you come.

Screen capture from video by Videogrammer from Pexels



INSTRUMENTS: I recorded the guitar parts—two tracks—without amplification and straight into a mic, on my Guild classical. (It’s the guitar we bought my son for his freshman year at college—his only year of being a classical guitar major. He got through it, but that’s a tough gig!

VOCALS: Two vocal passes. Hence, the name of TheStoryIsTheThing’s D.I.Y. music-making arm: “FOUR-to-ONE Productions.” You ONLY get 2 instrumental tracks, plus 2 vocal tracks, both recorded into 1 microphone. Makes for some focus. And non-uber-complexity.

MICROPHONE: I use a Blue Yeti microphone for all my household recording. I love how solid it it is and the tone it delivers. Plus, it looks like a scale-model interstellar spacecraft.

EDITING: I recorded and tweaked audio in Garageband; exported as .m4a and .mp3 file into Final Cut Pro X, for video concoction.

TIME SPENT: I spent about 60 hours over this Saturday/Sunday/and very early Monday, to craft the video. I got up to: a) eat my lovely daughter’s banana bread and chocolate-covered strawberries and my wife’s scrumptious Easter dinner of broccoli quiche. (We’re living the quarantine dream.); b) Briefly slept, then meditated for 30-minutes w/a-93-year-old-monk on ZOOM; then performed my daily ablutions. d) Watched “Madame Secretary.”

Screen capture from … I forget where. No, it’s not me and my lady.

VIDEO CREDITS: LOTS of them. I’d intended to use my own video b-roll. But I’m a fan of the very fine, royalty-free, no-charge, searchable content at Pixabay.com and Pexels.com. Crediting is not required with these sites, but I try where possible. I’d not have been able to bake this cake without all these fresh ingredients. (I may have missed a clip or three below, or could not find a named shooter.) Thanks to all of you! PS: I am entranced by the first clip listed—as my editing will show. Good stuff!)

RAIN and ROSES: Lisa Fotios from Pexels
DARK, ROILING CLOUDS: Steve Johnson from Pexels
RINGING OLD TELEPHONE: Videogrammer from Pexels
DRIVING SCENE 1: Videogrammer from Pexels
DARK CLOUDS: Tact TM from Pexels
DARKER CLOUDS: Mario Buonfiglio from Pexels
FLICKERING TV: Engin Akyurt from Pexels
LOST TV SIGNAL: Seb Agora from Pixabay.
TREE BLOSSOMS IN SUN: John Macdougall from Pixabay
CAR WINDSHIELD WIPERS IN RAIN: Matthias Groeneveld from Pixabay
CAR DRIVING IN COUNTRY: Joe Monico from Pixabay
COUPE WITH UMBRELLAS IN RAIN: Timofey Iasinskii from Pixabay
DOWNPOUR LIT BY STREETLAMP: Video by Jake Heinemann from Pexels
SUNBURST: Video by Ella Pix from Pexels
DRIVING IN BROWN MOUNTAINS: Ruvim Miksanskiy from Pexels
DRIVING IN GREEN MOUNTAINS:  Milan Vachhani from Pexels

THAT’S A WRAP. Peace. Stay Home and be well. | Douglas John Imbrogno

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