A Few Op-Ed Limericks for the Times

Here’s a new round-up of four animated Op-Ed Limericks: “Toady,” “Move Quickly,” “Fauci,” and “Canary Meet Coal Mine.” This is the latest in a collaboration with writer, graphic designer, songwriter and Renaissance Woman Colleen Anderson, in which I pick from among her glorious op-ed limericks and animate them.

Colleen is the Empress of the Molotov Limerick. (NOTE: The titles I have given them and placed on the video are not ones she assigned them. I’ve pulled a key word from each video, in order to introduce them when doing roundups.)

Here are the limericks below seen in the video, in order:

Old Trump has no patience for science.
He’d much rather form an alliance
With toadies and hoochies
Attired in Guccis
Who offer him total compliance.

“Move quickly,” Old Trumpy is urging,
Though the virus is sure to start surging.
His mood is phrenetic
And his pleas quite pathetic,
As his ratings are quickly submerging.

Mr. President, painted and pouchy,
We’re getting increasingly grouchy.
With another bald lie
With another bald lie,
Just let us hear Anthony Fauci.

Now Trump’s out there pushing a new line:
“Some states can reopen, they’ll be fine!”
It’s not that hard to see
West Virginia could be
The canary that dies in the coal mine.

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