“Chasing Birds in Snow”

I was returning from shooting photos in the snow in a park in Barboursville WV recently, hands frosty, nose runny. Noticed a wheeling flock of birds in a soccer field. Walked that way, smartphone armed. They kept moving, I kept after them. Here they are, set to two tracks of piano recorded to join with the footage: “Chasing Birds in Snow,” video and music by Douglas John Imbrogno | Best exercise of the season, so far.

CLICK TO VIEW: “Chasing Birds in Snow,” a WestVirginiaVille.com video | Production by TheStoryIsTheThing.com


VIDEO: “The Edge of Day”: feb9.2021: Thoughts on high while at the edge of day. An original short video production featuring imagery and music by Bobby Lee Messer and words by Kim Wilkinson.

VIDEO: A Sky-high View of the New River Gorge Bridge: jan30.2021: The New River Gorge Bridge is one of West Virginia’s most iconic landmarks. But have you ever seen it from an eagle’s eye view—or maybe an Olympian god’s?

NATUREGRAM: January Stroll Under an Azure Sky: jan14.2021: The dried out, frosty marshlands are not really absent of life and color. You just have to look and listen more closely as you stroll the woods beside the Ohio in western West Virginia.

VIDEO: When Snow Day is Christmas Day & the Day After: dec27.2020: It’s rare for Huntington, W.Va. to get snow on Christmas, much less the perfect snow for sledding. Christmas unfolded with snow, sunshine and the holiday all wrapped into one day.

VIDEO: The debut of “Animals in Appalachia” with “Deer Me”: dec22, 2020:: In the start of a short video series, “Animals in Appalachia” by WestVirginiaVille.com, a mother deer puts her foot down as she momentarily loses track of her two fawns.

VIDEO: The Artist’s Work Considered As a Moving Picture Show: dec19.2020: “I always had a female character in my drawings in illustration form or comic and I’d have her acting out whatever I was also living in my drawings. This was reassuring and helped me to feel less alone.”

MAKEITSHORT: Three Not-the-News, Under-a-Minute Videos: dec9.2020: ometimes, you need a dog, happily barking with excitement out the window a car. Or a fire in the West Virginia outback. Or a singing Buddha bird. Three musical, under-a-minute videos.

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