‘Mission Statement’

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Mission Statement

by douglas john imbrogno

To scratch the page,
to pick the scab,
to mix and match the phrases,
enter the lab and whip up potions,

address the sky with curses, praises,
annoy the authorities, cause commotions,
run away, feed on honeydew and
gulp the milk of paradise,
rub snow into your face and
kiss your lover’s eyes,

excuse yourself and wander into
empty churches, tell no lies you’d
squirm from recanting, do not make
elaborate poses while holding roses,

once a month throw a fit,
carve your initials into the sand,
let a ladybug crawl up your leg,
never lace the fingers of your hands,
ask favors of the recently departed,

speak no ill of someone who has farted,
send nameless alms to random causes,
give up, and try again and
fill your thought with pauses …

porters fork wv | 1986

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Errol+Hess says:

Well the like button won’t support my browser but I liked the poem anyway. How about some newer stuff.

David Anthony says:

PS: The above comment went out before I was finished. The finale was that this piece is extraordinary. I really like works that elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

David Anthony says:

I am so happy that I can feel comfortable farting in your presence. That and many other lines in this piece do make it a great mission statement.

Douglas Imbrogno says:

My work here is done.

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