“And we’ll all go together …”

Whatever happens in the midterms today, here is a 1-minute, harmonic reminder there are lasting things that guide us, above and beyond any setbacks and losses. My poet-friend John Berry is writing an epic on it: Beauty. Let us “all go together” moving forward, come what way. Or at least those who still believe in us all being together.

NOTE: From a FEB2020 iPhone recording of a singalong led by Simon James at Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat Center in Philadelphia. Michael Tierney and I are in this harmonic living room convergence.


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Sue Julian says:

Moving harmonic lyrics guiding me to place my vote in Pinch today – brought tears to my eyes.

Douglas Imbrogno says:

That song has some strong, high Celtic winds encoded in its DNA. Thanks for your note!

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