Figures & faces from traveling places

Here is some iPhone portraiture from recent travels around and about Huntington and Charleston WV. I will note of the black-and-white shot of the guy seeking help at a corner in Charleston that I often give to folks at that spot, both money, water and snacks, if the light goes red and I am right there and ready to turn. In this case, I was in the other lane and headed straight.

I note this since it is easy to shoot shots of needful people in the streets that reduces them to street furniture or photo props. There do seem to be more folks at more corners these days. I hand over cash and food based on momentary intuition and also Jim Carroll’s scan for “the soulful bums.”

The black-and-white shot of my good friend, Paul Callicoat, strapped into his guitar, is from a Bobby Lee Messer shoot in a cool, old Huntington warehouse for a music video of one of Paul’s fine songs from his latest album, “In Spite of This.” The others are people and scenes that struck the eye of one or the other of my Muses, a cantankerous posse who sometimes pay attention and sometimes are gone for months, if not years, at a time.

~ Douglas John Imbrogno


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