After an Influenza Retreat, what the sky looks like

After weeks upon weeks of miserableness, suffering though the worst bout of sickness in his adult life — aka Influenza A — your videographic interlocutor finally has (mostly) passed out of the Valley of Miserableness into sunnier days. It is a life featuring far less hacking and obnoxiously loud coughing, involving unpleasant words like ‘sputum.’ (Late 17th century, says the OED, from Latin, neuter past participle of spuere ‘to spit’). In celebration, he took a revivifying stroll into one of his favorite West Virginia dells — the Tulip Trail out back of the Huntington Museum of Art in West By Gawd Virginia. After meditating with the leaves and branches, he looked up. And this is what he saw.


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