Three Not-the-News, Under-a-Minute Videos

‘Bark This Way’

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Sometimes, you don’t need serious. Sometimes, you get sick-at-heart from all of the sky-is-falling dystopian headlines. Sometimes, you need a dog, happily barking with excitement, out the window of the car beside yours on the road one West Virginia afternoon.

‘Japanese Fire’

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One blessing of daily life and nightly living in West Virginia is the chance to gather round a fire. They make take place on a hilltop up a curving mountain road that is hazardous the health of your low-slung vehicle. Or on a deck in the outback, so far from light pollution you can trace the length of the Milky Way. The second option was the occasion for this short video. I was enjoying the fire and decided to film it vertically with my smartphone, for an occasional series of “Fire Theater” videos I post to social media. I added a sweet score of Japanese koto music and multiplied the fire, just because things like that happen when you fire up Final Cut Pro X.

‘Buddha Birdy’

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There’s this Buddha statue on my deck. And there’s this birdy. A Carolina wren, to be specific. Carolina comes by and flits to the Buddha’s head, where she loves to sing. Here’s what this looks like and sounds like.

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